Pursuing Dreams in School

If we dream of being a musician, artist or even a scientist, realizing those dreams while still in school is not that difficult. All we need are opportunities and dedication. But if we dream of something different – like doing some good for the society, it’s surely going to be one tough ride... But that’s exactly what I dreamt of.

There are always obstructions on our path to our dream; in this case, they are just bigger. Firstly, it’s your own friends at school. Imagine when the teacher asks you, “What’s your dream?” and you reply, “My dream is to remove corruption” or “Help the poor and needy”. Your friends will be like, “Yeah, right.” And even worse, you’ll sound pretentious and hypocritical, both of which hardly help you gain popularity. Secondly, it will be your parents and teachers, who’ll blame every mark you lose in exams, on your commitment to your dream. And to crown it all, all the people around you will need convincing about your actual motives

The real problems arise only when we start doing some good in the world. But then, in all our pursuits, we have to choose what’s more important – the dream or the obstacle... And I chose my dream.



  1. thats cool dude.......i love being this u have written above...my own dreams,my own passion...even i have so much dreams for example: to build juvinelle for poor,orpan children.....so much i told u last year remember..now started plans that u know....i hope i would succeed :D