Every Freedom in Life - Using Our Gift of Freedom

At this age... lots of dreams... dreams of coming out with flying colors...some remain just that... as dreams deep inside the heart. Now my parents give pressure for making me score high marks. I feel like I have an egg on my face every time I'm not able to attain my goal and am criticized for it. But only when my distance towards the goal starts decreasing do I rectify my mistakes. Parents give lots of freedom to us.... [Something we're fortunate enough for] I would illustrate my own experience of freedom and how many have little of it.

Holidays.... Everyone would enjoy holidays. My heart jumped in excitement when we all planned out for a trip. We went on a car journey..... with songs buzzing in my ears. My eyes enjoyed all of nature's bounties... The cloudy sky, chirping birds, green paddy fields, glittering butterflies around flowers... I admired each second.
My heart pricked when i saw small children about 8 years helping their parents in the farming. I felt pity, my family moaned for their situation. As the car swiftly moved in the road .... I saw school children walking in barefoot towards their school. Luckily dad stopped the car to buy something. I sought this chance to speak with them. I stood before them and introduced me and my sister.

All the peer group welcomed us to their village. My heart felt happy when they chatted with us. Later I recognized that they were walking for 2 miles to school, from one village to another. Their parents gave them freedom only for going to that school. Apart from this, they complained that they had no freedom to study at evening. My shoulders drooped, I felt sick.... I told them that which ever school they allotted, they should study well for their family. After that even I couldn't open my mouth because I gave them advice which I never did follow. I felt the guilt suppressing in my heart... All these years in my life, I had wasted much of the freedom given by my parents. My lazy mind was awake, my eyes wide open and I was ready to work hard.... Then I smiled at those children. I think they read all my thoughts... those cherubs said, "Thank you akka... Maybe we should not feel lazy... We can do everything with interest, is that right?" They added laughing. I nodded with a smile and then departed from them. Have I really wasted so much freedom, without using them...? My mind kept wandering into such deep thoughts. I decided to eliminate laziness... something which spoils every single work I do.

So friends, enjoy your freedom as well as use them in the right way...

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  1. Inspiring... You seem to have a lot of wonderful experiences with people from all sides of the society Nive :)