A Journey of sorts

 Away from the noise, away from the heat,
Towards a place for which my heart doth beat,
Wherein the priceless unfound treasure lies,
I go, traversing under starry skies.

The Edison of India - G. D. Naidu

 Wikipedia has this to say about him:
G. D. Naidu (Gopalaswamy Doraiswamy Naidu (23 March 1893 – 4 January 1974) was an Indian inventor and engineer who is also referred to as the Edison of India.He is credited with the manufacture of the first electric motor in India. His contributions were primarily industrial but also span the fields of electrical, mechanical, agricultural (Hybrid cultivation) and automobile engineering. He had only primary education but excelled as a versatile genius.
 You can read the whole wikipedia article if you wanna know about this man... It says there he started philanthropic work after some years of his life and built colleges for engineering. But there is much more to the story said [which I heard from my parents]... You can call it "the word on the street".

India - The Most Extraordinary Country

This is a video we made a while back on India. It was for the exhibition actually. We put them in CDs and sold them. Now that's over, I uploaded it in youtube :)

Every Life is a Story to Learn From

Sometimes, a person's life is not just another life... It is a footprint, in the sands of time... A footprint that stands for the strength of the human spirit. It's a story, that reminds us that life is neither as simple nor as complex as it seems. Makes us wonder about how in spite of all that's beautiful in this world, we decide to squander it all for reasons too primitive to think about.

The Down-Side of Being Practial

Do you remember how you felt about things like world peace, environmental conservation, corruption and the rest of it when you were like, 5 years old?

When one asks a student in class 7 about corruption, the student will reply with elaborate answers on how wrong it is to give bribes, get bribes, etc. But when one asks a student of class 11, you get surprisingly different answers based more on "practicality". A 11th standard fellow would try to explain to you why corruption is inevitable in India if you want to survive.

Hello Again!

On behalf of everyone in the team, I would like to congratulate everyone in the team for successfully passing their higher secondary and oh, yeah... Special congrats to Naveena, Soma Sundari, Vidya and Anandavalli for doing the same with distinction. So now, it's goodbye school and hellooooo world!! :D