"We Are Like This Only"- Seven Indianisms Every Writer Should Avoid

  Why do most of us go for Dan brown or Karin Slaughter when we have Chetan Bhagat or Preeti Shenoy to opt for?   We Indians are more adept in spinning fiction, penning down our views on any journal be it, mythology, philosophy, sci-fi or biographies.  Yet, there are certain stumbling blocks that bring down the standard of Indian authors in the world of readers.  Here is a list that every Indian writer looking forward for an international wide recognition should avoid, in the perspective of an avid reader.

    Face the reality:  Being brought up in a conserved society, when we look for a world full of strong minded and pragmatic people through the books we read, the extremely romantic and luvy-duvy stuff is not going to make us feel any better.  Romance when subtly expressed feels the best.

   Beware of the blurb: A blurb may look something trivial compared to the whole effort that you have put on writing the book.  But, it is something that hooks the reader to the book and provokes reading.  Make sure you keep it intimidating.

  Never quit reading:  Reveling in the light of fame forever on one’s best-selling book alone is not going to help.  Look forward for different ideas that would make your next book completely different from the previous one.  Else, you would end up repeating the same.

    Do some research: Once you get an idea for a book, get down on the field and do some research so that you get the facts right. Or else, your mystery thriller may turn out to be a superhero comic!

      Never plaigerize: Once the reader gets the notion that the storyline of the book is the same as some movie or book that he/she has read before, the person is going to lose interest in reading the book further.

     Brevity is the soul of wit: Knowing where exactly to be descriptive and where one should be brief and precise makes your book more likely to be read.  Also make sure the ends of your story ties up to avoid dissatisfied readers.

      Language matters:  Using regional languages at inappropriate places causes chaos as there are so many dialects within the same language in our country.

Making sure of these expectations from a reader will put you at ease while you write.   Best of luck to all young minds who wanna choose writing as their career.


  1. Great suggestions !! I hv often wondered why some books by indian authors just didn't 'feel' right.