Foodies...gonna try chicken?? BEWARE..

Foodies..gonna try chicken??  BEWARE…

Broiler chicken has become one of the most favorite recipes of non-vegetarian foodies. I too will be one among you all topping the list. But have we ever wondered how are these chicken reared? Is it really hygienic?  What are they fed with?  How do they gain weight so rapidly?

Of is relatively cheap, easy to cook and readily available…. yet, there are some most depressing and dreadful facts that are still unknown to the masses.

Basically, broilers are less resistant to diseases unless they are vaccinated and fed with antibiotics regularly.  However, to increase the yield and promote rapid weight gain the chicks are fed with various antibiotics and growth promoters.  These chemicals are found to have adverse effects on human body when the meat is consumed.  It is also found that poultry that are grown using antibiotics and growth promoters can be contaminated with the antimicrobial and anti-parasitic drugs or pesticides used on farms.  The ingestion of these antimicrobials through broiler meat can cause antimicrobial-resistant bacteria to develop in humans.  As a result, so many antibiotic medicines have become ineffective in our human system. Prolonged consumption of the meat filled with antibiotics is found to damage liver, kidney and bone marrow.  There is also 50% chances for diseases such as bird flu being transmitted to humans.

  Women are more prone to the growth of a cyst in the womb.  The chances of early puberty in little girls has also become very high.  There has been an increased risk of breast cancer in women as well.

So..dear foodies..Think twice before grabbing a bite of chicken next time.

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