The Edison of India - G. D. Naidu

 Wikipedia has this to say about him:
G. D. Naidu (Gopalaswamy Doraiswamy Naidu (23 March 1893 – 4 January 1974) was an Indian inventor and engineer who is also referred to as the Edison of India.He is credited with the manufacture of the first electric motor in India. His contributions were primarily industrial but also span the fields of electrical, mechanical, agricultural (Hybrid cultivation) and automobile engineering. He had only primary education but excelled as a versatile genius.
 You can read the whole wikipedia article if you wanna know about this man... It says there he started philanthropic work after some years of his life and built colleges for engineering. But there is much more to the story said [which I heard from my parents]... You can call it "the word on the street".

It is said that GD Naidu invented some new kind of vehicle/machinery and he wanted to get a patent for it. Unable to do so due to corruption or the  bureaucratic red tape or whatever that usually makes things difficult in Government departments, he got so fed up that he stopped inventing things. Instead he turned philanthropic and decided to educate and bring up young fellows so that one day they would achieve and invent and all that. So he set up colleges and such kind.

So one would naturally wonder if corruption had infected the Indian Patent Office and well... in the present climate, one would be foolish to disagree with that.

Wikipedia once again:
A very constructive criticism and subsequent evidences of corruption, bribery, nepotism and the use of extra-Constitutional authority of power by a set of coterie-driven officials led by senior officials of the Indian patent office have emerged from Dr. Arijit Bhattacharya, a former Controller of the Kolkata Patent Office.
 Now the purpose of me posting this bit of info is that sometimes... Things are more complicated than they appear to be. One might have wondered why there are not many manufacturing companies in India or why all the scientists and inventors run abroad at the slightest chance.


  1. Rightly said! The den of corruption is the Indian Patent Office, New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. Chennai is far and far better than other patent offices in India. However, the goons are still driving their networks despite repeated complaints by several patent agent houses (advocate houses). Ministry of Commerce and Industries is quite reluctant to catch the corrupt officers. Everybody knows who are the corrupt persons in those offices. Even CGPDTM, Chaitanya Prasad, IAS, is shielding some officers.

  2. thanks meenu.... for the awareness of such a great person... ;)