A Journey of sorts

 Away from the noise, away from the heat,
Towards a place for which my heart doth beat,
Wherein the priceless unfound treasure lies,
I go, traversing under starry skies.

On a quest for answers not unraveled
To anyone but to those who have traveled,
Thirsting for that sense of awe and wonder,
I go past many a wall and border.

Seeking some peace and quiet, joy and sunshine,
Amongst flora and fauna, hills and brine,
For miracles and mysteries yet unseen,
I go places where rarely men have been.

And I’m sure this journey of mine, so dear,
Shall remove many a vain hope and fear,
Shall hitherto cleanse my soul, mend my heart,
Bring all that can’t be brought by science or art.


  1. Its ... gud dd... Very inspiring ...