Is India growing? The So-called 'Developed Cities'

Tall buildings touching sky, sophisticated awesome cars rushing on the roads.......people busy walking on roads, flooded roads with traffic jams, metro running in jet speed. This gives the outline of urban cities. Everyone dreams to live in this type of city, to have good education, to search a satisfied job....etc. Do you know how bad is ' so called ' good, developed city?

Even I was admiring the metropolitan cities because education will be best, apart from that i can even get my own satisfied jobs. Suddenly after my 10th class my dad was transferred to Bangalore, a metropolitan city.
My sister and I were partially scared and partially excited. I had little problems, mainly for the language. I didn't know Kannada ,but people here know Tamil, Hindi too....Later I recognized the students in school, college had no self discipline. They seem to be decent, but they speak so much bad words and they spoil their own image. Instead of studying they join a gang and tease the others who are good, they even tend to change them bad. Always the good students has to adjust them in everything. I felt embarrassing every moment. But then i understood why they are so bad...... because
of the parents. They had jobs as engineer, doctor, businessman etc due to which they are unable to take care of their children properly. The children grew like herds of buffalo, eating junk foods, spending the money lavishly. They never know the value of money. In India poverty is increasing.......but these rich people spend money without value......when I savored a thought of this, I would have a pricking sensation in my heart.

Even the students here don't even have the courtesy to respect the national anthem. I felt like slapping them, they aren't faithful or grateful to their country. The school teachers aren't teaching properly....they work only for money. But when national anthem is sung, they maintain order. However teachers are strict and even scold the child w
hen she/he is misbehaving during anthem. But the child doesn't change its mistake. Now a days eating pizza, hot dogs,etc is fashion. They don't bother to eat home made food, rather spend money in hotels. When the child steps into teen......all bad habits like partying at night, etc happens. Those people doesn't even like living in India......because they love westernization. Well....there are many things like this.....

Now tell me is India growing? That too mainly in ''so called'' grown urban cities. I feel village or a small town is better than urban cities. When you see all the situation above ''Rich becomes Richer, Poor becomes Poorer''........And never dream of living in a metropolitan city..............You would be rather safe where ever you are.


  1. I've never lived in a big city [always been a small town girl :) ], but from what you say, it awfully looks like 'development' is happening only along the lines of westernization... I hope in the end India doesn't become like a western country... With loads of money and little peace.

  2. yeah u know its always better not to be westernized.thats why i wrote this mainly.........
    to remain in our Indian citizen

  3. Very well observed and said. :)