Problem: Exam Stress; Solution: Cancel the Exams

There was a lot of noise when the Human Resources Department considered canceling the 10th board examinations for students owing to the huge stress they induced in the students. I suppose now these exams for tenth standard students have been left to the choice of students in CBSE board [I’m not sure about the other boards].

Before I talk about what I think about canceling exams for tenth, let me share with you a little story:

There was once a man who had problems with his stomach very frequently. He had to spend a lot of his time, money and energy because of these problems and it made him bitter most of the time. He finally proceeded to the hospital and consulted a suitable doctor. The doctor discussed with his colleagues, did some research and after a lot of deliberation decided that the only way to solve the issue was to remove the stomach from the man’s abdomen. So it was done and I’ll leave the rest of the story to your imagination. The End.

Pretty lame story right? But guess what’s lamer: The idea of removing exams to reduce exam stress. Problems with the system? Simple solution – Throw the system away!

I mean, honestly, I don’t know if the 10th board exams are that important or not. But what does concern me is the way the Government [which includes the majority of the people] seems to deal with stuff. Introducing reforms in the educational system would be loads better than removing the exams altogether. The idea is absolutely ridiculous. If a machine is causing problems, then without considering its significance, would you simply chuck it out?

It’s time we realized how people seem more inclined to destroy the machinery rather than solve its faults. So for heaven’s sake, remove the problem, not the object itself.


  1. ha ha........:D...even exams started being ''choose ur choice''...we all became so lethargic....

  2. Er... that wasn't really the thing I wanted to convey... lol.. But yeah, that's true too... :D

  3. May be i will write ma next post in this... aaaaaaa I got a topic ...;)

  4. Great.. :) Seems you just got out of writer's block.. lol :D