What a Remarkable Family!?!

Hey guys check this out....
[start: sarcasm]
We should be extremely proud about India because of this guy and we are gonna become the leading country in population because of him...

His name is Ziona chana and he is living in the North East direction of India, that is in Mizoram. His age is 67 but he still feels young and he wants to marry a high school young American girl .

Actually you would feel whats wrong in this but the interesting part is here:
He has already married 39 women and has 94 children and he has also got 33 grandchildren!
He is proud about himself and he calls him as the direct son of God... Drives you crazy right?!!!

He has built a house for his wives which has a100 rooms. He usually keeps the younger wives close to his personal bedroom and he makes his older wives to stay in the backyard .... Wonderful isn't it...
This is his house
And his bedroom
[End sarcasm]


  1. lol... At first, looking at the picture, I thought he was some man helping an orphanage or something. :D

  2. Ha Ha ... :) and thanks for making changes :)

  3. lol .............if i see him..........!

  4. If u r planning for a real action please join me too ... :)

  5. ha ha for a change.....well hv to appreciate him atleast he is taking care of all his wives and children.

  6. lol.... :D
    @Rachel - No problem :)

  7. son of god!!!!!!!!!!call him son of devil