Proud To be Indian

This is an article by my friend Tanya Sehgal [from Triond] about why Indians have got to be proud of their country :) It's rather informative and inspiring... So I thought of sharing it here.
The largest democracy in the world. Is sometimes looked up in a bad repo. We as Indians have much to teach the world with our cultural traditions. See how rich and diverse we are…
The following points have been compiled to showcase the real beauty and integrity of our nation.
  • The size of the Bio-tech industry is 5 billion dollars,second only to America.
  • Indian scientists have created a solar-powered touch screen computer cheaper than the i-pad.
  • Four of the World’s top ten richest men are Indians.
  • 90% of the World’s computer run on a chip designed by an Indian.
  • The world’s largest companies like Pepsico,Adobe,Citibank and Sigma-Aldrich have Indian CEOs.

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  1. Yet India is not a developed country .... :);)