Try Answering This... >;-}

This is a genuine psychological test :

This is a small story about a girl ...
Her mother passed away when she was young.
In the funeral she met a boy. She felt that he was her life
partner at the first sight. But she forgot to ask his name and she didn't meet him again... 

One day she killed her own sister... 

Do you know why???

Try guessing for a few minutes before you click 'Read More' for the answer...

She thought that the boy will come again for her sister's funeral... So that she would have a chance to ask his name... 

In America most psychologists ask this question to their patients...
If you did not get the correct answer, you're got a perfectly balanced mind :) :) But if you have answered the above question correctly then there's something seriously wrong.... Just for fun though...[Evil laugh (again)] ;)


  1. I got the right answer!! :D
    Okay, just kidding. I didn't have a clue. So... Where d'you get this?

  2. From a book ......... :) :) . It's not that bad right .... :) :) ...

  3. Nah... It's rather a bit creepy, but sorta fun too... Besides, where's the fun without some creepiness? :D

  4. what a character! i meant the girl..rachu

  5. Well, Karthiga, you can't really blame an intellectually disabled person for her character. [I wish they'll stop coining euphemisms.. I mean, "intellectually disabled"?? They've got to be joking]

  6. Hey what pa romba poringa Remember We have classes
    on 30 and of course we will meet ... Ha Ha Ha...
    [VILLAN LAUGH ]...:) :)

  7. No no... We mean the girl in the story Rachu! :) Onaiya pathi poi ippadi solvomaa... :P

  8. I know ....Its just for joke right... :) :)

  9. Thank God I could not get answer.I take pity of that boy who will be killed by that girl later

  10. Happy that u didn't get that right...:) :)