The British Rule - Was it a boon? India's Independence - Was it a mistake? PART - I

Imagine my shock when I saw this as the status update in my English teacher’s face book wall: 

“I hate Godse because he killed Gandhi.... I hate him because he killed Gandhi much too late.”

Below, I will disclose our conversation via the social networking site:
[I haven't edited the words. So kindly forgive the grammatical errors, spelling errors and the outrageous shortcuts :) ]
Meenakshi Rcm: hmm.. a gandhi-hater mam? i suppose u think sc bose was better?

English Teacher: Not really ...and yeah Cos he got us freedom

Meenakshi Rcm: but then y d u hate godse becos he was too late?

English Teacher: had he killed gandhi earlier we may ve never got freedom. De best thing tat could ve happened to india:)

Meenakshi Rcm: wow... .lol... i mean, im doubting my history books r8 now... :)

English Teacher: why meens:) dint he get us freedom

Meenakshi Rcm: no mam, im doubting the pages where they spoke of the british rule with so much venom...

English Teacher: India is the best example to prove tat de majority is not always rite

English Teacher: oh... Guess indians cant accept concepts like efficient admn, civic sense, abolition of regressive traditions, not to mention a caste free society....

English Teacher: of course the british thot we were inferior....but guess wat?........we are proving them rite every darned day...we are among world's worst politicians and govt officials.
Meenakshi Rcm: well, we're a pretty new democracy, compared to britain or usa...

Meenakshi Rcm: i know thts no excuse, but it's not the leaders we shud blame.... a leader is just a reflection of the ppl...

English Teacher: bingo... So tats why i blame indians on the whole:) lol . Btw wat honesty gotta do wit de democratic age ? We had most of things in place cos of de british... Rite down to the parliament... Ironical

English Teacher: anyway i know its futile to expect indians to react or do anything abt de whole thing. I think i had better invite de british back:)

Meenakshi Rcm: lol.. :) i mentioned the demo age cos ppl hv to get used to the system of govt... it takes time... its taking decades here thats another thing...

English Teacher: and its not gonna change...cos change is brought abt by de young. And the youth of this nation is getting progressively general

Meenakshi Rcm: no comments... lol :D
[lol is short for 'Laughing Out Loud' and is usually used whenever a person is amused, not just when the person is literally laughing]

I didn't really want to argue any longer. Moreover, I had nothing more to argue with. All logic had just oozed out of me and I was left hopeless, without any shield of words left to protect my side from a sharp repartee. But I was left with pondering over and over again about that debate. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was like a slap on the face, alright. All those years of how 'bad' the Britishers were and how 'good' the Indian freedom fighters were... All those years of how wonderful India's freedom was... Everything had simply shattered right in front of me and I was standing like someone hit by a storm. I was completely disenchanted...

... And it took me about 6 months to recover... lol.

But now, I've more understanding about things and I think it's essential I should share them with as many people as possible. But this post is going a bit too long and so... To be Continued in Part II :)


  1. I feel sorry for our freedom fighters :( :(

  2. Hey, hey.... Hold on! I haven't finished the post yet. I don't think that the British rule was a boon... Nor do I think the freedom struggle was a mistake. Read Part II :)

  3. This is the one of the reasons u love me ... lol:)
    I am nearly a cashew nut ... hehe... :)

  4. lol... I guess there was a bit of a communication gap. That's all. :)

  5. This makes me feel better ... :) mmmmm...