A Day with Our VII Std Friends

This academic year had been absolutely amazing for the ten of us, but no day has been as awesome as the 11th of February, 2011. It was a beautiful Friday morning and we had an exam in a few minutes, but that was hardly what we were thinking about. Our minds were buzzing and hearts beating pretty fast, for we were about to do something so different, something we had wanted to do for a long time. We were about to handle 5 value education classes for our friends of the 7th, with two of us for each class. Our aims were simple: Share our views and beliefs, and make a difference that way. Normally it would have been an easy task to do, but this wasn’t exactly like the normal interactive classes. We were going to talk about patriotism and awareness, and all of us know what these words sound like, coming from someone else. The greatest challenge of all in such cases is to make it both interesting and effective.

At first, we were nervous. Actually, that’s an understatement - We were absolutely terrified. But once we started, it was just like clockwork. We played the video we had made [explaining about patriotism, awareness, India, being the change, etc.] and also had a video about an awareness test. Our listeners were more lively and enthusiastic about all that we had had to say, than we could have ever expected them to be. One of them was almost moved to tears on seeing the video and we are quite sure we succeeded in making at least two students change their minds about India. It’s moments like these that you know you have done something worthwhile, something that you can be proud of.

As for us, one member described her experience as “fun-filled, stirring and unforgettable”. I guess that sums it all up. It was somewhat like a beautiful dream that just got over sooner than we thought it would and we were left wishing it had lasted a little bit longer, because those 35 minutes we spent were purely magical. Our sincerest thanks to everyone who helped us, everyone who gave us this opportunity, because without them this day would have been impossible.