Life => Is it Fair for the Producers?

There are so many things in this world which are so obvious and yet when stated in some clear grammatical-mistake-free manner, sound like absolute pearls of wisdom dropped from heaven. Take this quote for instance:

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." ~ Maya Angelou

The meaning is quite clear - Just because someone says or talks about something, it doesn't necessarily have to mean that they have the solution for it. Imagine if it is given in the latter form, where the language is bland and uninspiring compared to the first. No one would record it as anything worth listening to. Like Anton Chekov said, anything [especially truth] has to be gilded like pills and has to be sugercoated, because man has gotten used to believing that the truth is always beautiful and that medicine must be sweet. That's why in today's world, it's just as important to promote a product as it is to create it.

There's this one small, real-life story about an artist from the streets of India:

This artist sent this painting to JRD Tata as a gift and no one could undertand the head nor tail of it. The street painter said he would reveal the secret, but when the answer was revealed, JRD Tata was no more.

This painting is now present in Tata Museum, Jamshedpur. The question here is, who was the street artist? Many websites, while talking about this wonder what he was doing in te streets with such talent. But actually, there's nothing much to wonder. It was just because he was not that good at promoting his stuff. So the world went by, without even a glance at his skills.

Take even blogging as an example. It's definitely not enough if you simply write and post great stuff. No matter how many argue that content is king, there's still the fact that you're getting nowhere without doing certain things to make sure your article is viewed.

Sadly enough, production is the least of things that matter anymore. That's why traders and business men are so rich... And that's also why many farmers and craftsmen are so poor. Sometimes, it's hard not to think... Is life really fair for the producers?

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