Running From the Truth

They say ignorance is bliss. Please don’t believe that even in your dreams. Ignorance gives helplessness, foolishness, misunderstanding and these three are enough to ruin anyone’s life. We might be ashamed, embarrassed, angry, troubled, scared, etc. of the truth. But never in our lives should we even for a moment try to hide the truth from ourselves. Being dishonest with others is inevitable at times, but being dishonest with ourselves produces nothing less than our own self-destruction. Truth is often bitter whether we say it to others or to ourselves and lies always sound quite sweet. But believe me, truth is like a bitter medicine, whereas lies are like life-consuming drugs. The latter accumulate in our body, clouding our wisdom. They rarely hurt at the beginning, but eventually, they turn our world into hell.
Running from the truth is easy, it is the act of cowards and we know that cowards seldom win. Facing the truth with our heads held high is what we need to do, for truth always wins…

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