The JNMA is a group, or more appropriately, an organisation which aspires to do things, both naughty and nice. While the naughty part may not require much planning or decision-making processes, the nice part does. The nice part involves services to the society, friends and the country. It is essential that before we proceed to serve, we must be fully aware of the situation. Otherwise, the situation may go from bad to worse. To illustrate this fact, let me tell a small story that I once read in the internet: There was once a monkey living on a tree beside a lake. One day, it noticed a fish in the lake. Seeing the fish, the monkey felt pity for the poor thing and took it out of the water and put it on a branch of his tree, saying, “I’ll save you from drowning!” To make sure we don’t act like that monkey, awareness is essential. We need to know the problems entirely, before we take further steps to solve it. We also need a means for expressing our views, and that is what this blog aims to do.

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