Optimisim - The Way of Life

Optimism is simply anticipating the best possible outcome in any event.

Well here are a few tips to make us feel more optimistic...lets give it a try...

  1. Be realistic about your expectations.
  2. Accept the past, manage the present and work hard towards the future.
  3. Seek for a ray of light/hope in a negative situation. It’s a bit difficult considering all you are going through, but there’s always an opportunity lurking somewhere in the dark.
  4. Utilize what you have for now and aspire to grow in every area of your life, remembering you can only swallow food in bits and pieces before taking another big bite.
  5. Be authentic, be yourself and stop hiding behind the MASK of pretense.
  6. Develop the habit of using positive affirmations constructively.
  7. Listen to music. It has the ability to make your mind wander a bit.
  8. Exercise regularly. Taking care of your body mind and soul builds courage and resilience to face the pressures of the world.
  9. Avoid living in self denial.
  10. Try as much as you can to stay calm when overwhelmed with the issues of life.
  11. Be thankful for everything you have, who you are, the people around you…..
  12. Develop a sense of humor. Cultivate the habit of laughing or cracking jokes
  13. Be passionate. Embrace life and everything it stands for with love and passion.
The most important of all is to implement them in our lives.


  1. That article was like a ray of sunshine... :)

  2. wow amazing...its awesome saying i have ever heard..... thank you for providing such glittering articles... :D