Ooty - Simple Beauty of the Queen of Hills

These are a couple of pictures I took during my stay in Ooty... Most of the places were too crowded, so not much to talk about. Still, despite all the garbage and hoards, Ooty is really a beautiful place... Check out the images of Ooty some professional photographers had captured [a link to Google Images Result]:

Fun Fact: Did you know Ooty [Ootacamund] is actually the place of origin of the game Snooker? [History of Snooker] I wonder why the tourism department doesn't take it up and promote the place with snooker and the rest of the incredible things that make up our Queen of the Hills.

[I took these photos though B) ]
The Botanical Garden with its Summer Flower Show [Click to view larger image]
Inside the Greenhouse

A dam near Glenmorgan village, near Ooty [Click to view larger image]
Somewhere near the tea plantations
Just a lorry on the roadside.. Ever noticed how really colorful they look?
Lights of Ooty from the hotel
No big reason why I took this one... Thought I could use it for some good philosophical quote like..."You might be amidst rubble, but that can't stop you from being a bright little flower any day."


  1. Ooty is the most beautiful place in Tamilnadu. Visit Hotels in Ooty

  2. ooooty wow its such a wonderful place... with cool climate,eye plucking flowers... nice aroma of tea and coffee plantations... it still represents the beauty of nature.... :)