Diversity is So Beautiful!

I have been going to these AIPMT coaching classes for about a week and guess what? Every single professor teaching us is from Andhra Pradesh. No big difference, some would say, but... oh, there is. Have you ever been around people who are completely different from you, and yet not feel isolated or alone? It's awe-some!

Those guys don't know English well... They find it pretty hard to pronounce simple words... more than one of them says 'zero' as 'jeero' and they find it a bit hard in making people understand the concepts too... though they eventually succeed [like our Principal would say... communication is not just through the ears... or something like that]. It was rather cute the way they seemed to add an end vowel '-u' or at the very least drag the last syllable into a form of '-u'... Everyone would giggle every time our chemistry professor said "fouru"... Even more interesting are the times when they used to speak in Telugu to each other... in low voices, with an occasional smirk... as if they were sharing some private joke of some sort. For the first time in 17 years, I wished I had learnt to speak the language [which is technically my mother tongue... but had left that place long before my earliest piece of memory].

The Diversity Flower!
It was just when I began to wonder during one physics class why my eyes weren't drooping as they usually did at the sound of newton and energy, that I realized - I just love diversity!! It was the same thing when I was at this Church festival of some sort [I think it was the day after Easter or something]... when my friends and I used to fight over the rotis brought by a Gujarati friend... when we used to celebrate Christmas in school... In short, what I'm trying to say is, diversity is simply BEAUTIFUL.

Let's celebrate it, for that's about the only thing we have in common.


  1. I felt the same after i watched the movie magadheera .I felt telungu was really a good language.

    But then i still dont know why I hate hindi.And its not becoz i feel it tough or something but still its a mystery.

    But french captivated me more I would say.
    is this diversity?

  2. [lol] Maybe you don't like Hindi because it's just not YOUR thing - You know, all of us have individual tastes... & About French... Maybe :D

  3. Hey nice thought in physics class meenu ... Hope I should get a dream like that in morthi sir's class so that I can write something like this too ... lol .... ahhhh I still have a year to go ... so I will surely get one .... I am confident .... THUMBS UP ....