Mother's Lamentation - A Poem About a Sad Mother

Oh baby! Oh My Child!!
I was the happiest being on earth,
When they said, you were born!
'Cause I paid the heaviest price
To have you around!!!

I gave you a body, and
I bought you a soul!
I fed you my blood, when
I lent you my womb!!

I fed you, whenever
You were hungry!
I tended you, whenever
You were dirty!!

I nursed you, whenever
You were sick!!!

I shielded you, whenever
This world was too much for you!
I reinforced you, whenever
You were weak in soul and body!!

I was your companion, whenever
You were lonesome!
I was your tutor, when
You were a learner!!

Whenever you reached for me!
I did all that I could, and
Even more, much more
As a mother should!!

Now that you are grown!
Oh! My Baby! Oh!! My Child!!

Now that I am blind and old,
Now that I am weak and sole!
Where are you, My Child!!
Oh Baby! Oh My Child!!


  1. Wow... Rachel, that was incredible... So touching. I simply loved <3 your poem... Do write more :)

  2. good job Rachel...impressed

  3. gr8 Rach
    how nice
    see ya got to go to my mom to thank her lol

  4. Thanks guys actually ma Father wrote this .... :) :)

  5. wow rachu superb,heart touching poem.....its too emotional that i felt the warmth under my mom's hands...ya we all are still baby to our mom....