My Mother - A Gift from God - A Poem About My Mother

Here is a poem I wrote about my mom hope u like it

Glorious gifts of God
are not always cherished
No not until we perish
But I've found it, Eureka!

Indeed, couldn't have had a better one
She's the one who sowed love
brought light, joy and hope
Hope? Not just a ray but a beam

Ya I am talking about my mother,
taking pride that she's a Doctor
yes, she makes children wail and moan
through her syringe I mean.

Her patients long for her touch
and I muse that if she had a pouch
like a kangaroo, oh I go right in there,
though I feel her presence in every cell of mine!
I am like a tree rooted to mother earth.

Wait, wait let me halt
But being too emotional is not my fault
for I am ready to face a gale
when she's beside me
But I turn pretty pale
without my divine angel

And call a cynic and how
he'd forget what selfishness is
by looking at her!

she taught me - If you fail to plan
you are planning to fail
and that the world is mine
if I use it well

I've thanked God several times
for His gift
Now I thank my mother
by dedicating this poem to her.


  1. SUPERB!... your poem went deep into my heart and made me realize about my loving mum... thank you so much... :)