My Heart Beats For India - Poem About India

A poem I wrote for the McMahon Creative Writing Competition.
There was a time, long ago
When every traveling monk and
Every vain king worth his vow
Sought to glimpse this sacred land

Such was her glory, her splendor
A treasure trove of valor and wisdom
Of beauty, knowledge and culture
A wonder to many, a goal for some.

And now passed are those golden days
Though our achievements are not any less
Our dreams and hearts have parted ways
And our glory's fading into darkness.

Caught in a web of fury and greed
Stifled by pain, chaos and sadness,
Our country is yet to be freed
From all that's hindering her progress.

We've almost lost our ancient spirit
And we despair like we are helpless
We glance not into that dark pit
Enduring the evil around us

To see her fallen from her height
Every Indian's heart must ache
And so does mine; A ray of light
I search for and a choice I make

To work towards the greater good
With a belief to stand by too
And I would tell you, if I could...
My heart, India, beats for you.


  1. love it :) good job!

  2. wow amazing poem... hats off to your poem... again you left my heart jumping.. and made me smile... superb.. :D

  3. :D Thanks :D You still write poems?

  4. no..i stopped writing poems... because am supposed to be a good mark scorer in the home... so i stopped writing for a little while... but your poem leaves a strong courageous feeling when i went through this.. ;)