How to Choose One's Life - The Life One Wants

Life is all about choices. Good or bad, right or wrong... Your destiny will unfold according to the choices you make.

The title, I feel is a trifle misleading... This post is going to be about observations, not solutions, because in the end the answers can be given only by ourselves.

Here are the five options, I think, that teenagers of 17 or 18 years have to ponder about, to make the best of their lives... And these 5 are basically dependent on what sort of life we wish to lead:

Life of Passion

A life of passion is what people like Picasso, Charles Dickens, M. S. Subbulakshmi, Kamal Hassan, etc. lead. You might have noticed what's common to all of them - they are all artists. People fascinated about arts, or even the many athletes and sportsmen base their life on the passion of their job.

Life of Ambition

A life of ambition involves a life where we search and ravage the whole world with the aim of obtaining money, power or a sense of worth. Ambition can drive men crazy, but it can also make a cowardly idiot strive so hard to excel, that he might as well become a top CEO or even President.

Life of Dreams

This is the kind of life that Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam would like us all to aim for: a life where we dream and follow that vision with all the enthusiasm and conviction we can muster. This can probably work wonders too, seeing the many people like Kalpana Chawla and others who lived their dreams to the full extent.

Life of Values

This is a life where you devote yourself to a cause... Only to a cause, irrespective of what might come along the way. It's a life where you decide to start fighting for so many things and fighting against so many things, just to satisfy that thirst for a world-changing revolution with you at its front segment.

Life of Peace

In this life, one chooses love and peace above everything else. Sometimes I wonder if this is the happiest of all life-choices, because as I see it, it's the monks and saints and love-valuing who fit this category. Selfless people like Mother Teresa may be categorized here.
It doesn't have to be that way
The problem is, almost everything - dreams, ambition, peace, values and passion are important aspects of a person's life. Maybe the best thing would be to amalgamate all of them into one and incorporate it in our lives, so that when they bloom, we'll know we made the right choices.


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