Happy Diwali!! :)

It’s the festival of lights! A time when everyone feels excited and happy for various reasons.
Some really pious and religious persons from the South feel liberated because it’s the day when the evil demon, Narakasura was killed. Other religious and pious persons from the North feel exhilarated because it’s the day when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after his epic 14-year struggle in the forest. Little boys and girls feel ecstatic because of the numerous exciting firecrackers waiting for them to burst. Bigger boys and girls [like me] love it for the new dresses and also the 4 days holidays that our schools grant. As for the older people who are too busy for both fun and religion, it’s about the sweets. So you can very well see how the reasons for celebrating Diwali differ not only from region to region, but also with age and even religion. Believe it or not, not only do the Hindus, Sikhs and Jains celebrate it, even people of other religions do [except for the pujas and other religious traditions]. It’s truly a time for pure fun!

So here’s wishing you the most bright and fun-filled Diwali ever!

But do give a thought to the environment too... Those noisy crackers can really pollute the Earth like no other.

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