The Fallen Family

This is a poem which I wrote about a year ago... I ... er... think that I tried to make the first letters of each word form separate words together. But obviously, that worked only for the first stanza. :)

In the sky above the sun shines
No speck of cloud, night very far away
Deep in sleep however are my brothers
In their dreams, unaware of the fray.
Awake brothers, for the time has come

Our family needs to be saved
Saved from enemies and all those
Obstructing our path of glory paved
By our ancestors, our great heroes

Who fought when they were enslaved
And many a struggle did they brave,
In the hope that one day our family
Would rise up, to it's past glory.


  1. i wish i could send this poem who dont feel they are Indian...and change their mind. super poem..