Attitude of Indifference

"Indifference is harder to fight than hostility, and there is nothing that kills an agitation like having everybody admit that it is fundamentally right." 

 People's attitude of indifference has caused serious problems in the society today. Now, I would like to share a small story here, that shows the apathy and ignorant attitude of people.

It was a small village, and the people living there were found to be cheerless and unenthusiastic.The reason for their misery was because the village had an inadequate supply of milk. They were not able to feed milk to their children and were affected due to the scarcity of milk. So, the villagers discussed together and finally came to a conclusion that every person should pour a glass of milk into a big container kept common for the people. So that, with that amount of milk, the people's need for milk can be fulfilled. 

The next day to everyone's surprise the container was filled only with water. It was because the people were pouring a glass of water, instead of milk thinking, "What difference is this glass of water going to make in such a big container of milk?" .And everyone having had the same attitude, filled it only with water.

And this is the attitude of people even today. They also think "What difference is it going to make?" by throwing a wrapper, or small bits of paper, or any waste into the environment which causes pollution. They do numerous such things indifferent to the effect their actions would have if everyone were to do what they did... indifferent to the large scale impact of their seemingly small actions.