What’s Common To… Citizens & Xerophytes?

Do you know what is common between citizens and xerophytes? Well, it’s an awful comparison, but I couldn’t help noticing the similarities between them with respect to just one aspect.

It was late in the night and I was ploughing through my biology text book as usual. I was reading about the environmental adaptations of plants and came across xerophytes and their classification. It went on something like this:
The xerophytes can be classified into three groups:
  • Drought escaping xerophytes
  • Drought enduring xerophytes
  • Drought resisting xerophytes
At first, as I read the lines, I was almost on the verge of creating one of my silent tantrums. My sleepy brain didn’t appreciate the classification, denouncing all three classes as one and the same. But there was still a small part of sanity deep inside me and it made me read it fully. Then I understood.
Drought escaping xerophytes were the ones which leave the place before drought creeps in. The enduring ones live under the dry conditions with some accumulated water and storage systems. The drought resisting ones on the other hand, however, have no special modification in them and they still live, resisting the harsh weather. They were called ‘true’ xerophytes.
But instead of thinking about memorising that whole thing for the exam, my brain began to drift off to something else. Suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, I just realised the similarities between the xerophytes and the common citizens and formulated a classification based on my realization :)


Escaping citizens are the ones who run away from the country when they see lots of trouble, or when things just don’t go the right way.


Enduring citizens are the ones who remain in the country, accept the what’s not right and adapt themselves to the way things are done and go with the flow.


Resisting citizens on the other hand, are the ones who don’t accept the wrongs, but rather resist them by their sheer will. They are the ‘true’ citizens!
Also at: http://socyberty.com/society/whats-common-to-citizens-xerophytes/#ixzz1fP03YQlh

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