A School Exhibition Using Recycled Products & More

After about 5 months of planning and running from one department of the school to another, we succeeded in setting up the exhibition of our dreams. It was on the 5th of September this year [had to rack my brains to remember... It seems so long ago that I almost forgot] and despite all the drama, tears, sweats, heated moments and panic attacks, it was the finest day we had in many months.

Taken at Home... Cameras not allowed in School :(
What it was all about
It was a sales exhibition and we had displayed all the stuff we had made... right from recycled bags, vases, stands, wall hangings, pencil art, paper weights, key chains to CD's, our own compiled poems, bookmarks, ear rings and many other stuff made of paper mache. It was all either motivational or about creating awareness, but we earned a lot of money too ;) 2,200 approx. Not really huge, but more than what we had expected. 'Course, the prices were a bit higher than what we initially planned on, but well... When the customers don't care about money, why should the sellers? Besides, it was all for a good cause. That money plus the 6000 we won from Jaagore's online campaigning contest, we donated 8200 to MDF India [Muscular Dystrophy Foundation], a very trusted foundation that works sincerely and totally selflessly for children affected by MD.

The Way we Prepared

An exhibition, to outsiders might seem a piece of cake. Sure. If you are referring to Rupert Hagrid's special recipe of rock cakes [One of J.K. Rowling's creations], sure... It's a piece of cake alright. Getting permission from the school for doing something like an exhibition is no easy business... We had to run from Teachers to Coordinator, from the Co-ord to the Headmaster and from various Heads  to the Principal.

Apart from the extensive hierarchy, the other thing was the sudden tumbling of our marks into a new low. So we had to set a deal with teachers that if the exhibition was allowed, we would score better. The deal... er... failed [to say in colloquial tamil... 'oothikichu'], but they were gracious enough to forget and forgive. So then, when we thought the exhibition was safe, there was this problem of us 'being there'... in the exhibition. We had to run again to the heads to get permission to skip the classes, so we could actually be there when the students came to view the displayed stuffs.

So one fine Saturday, finally, we were told the exhibition was on the Monday. Then was the panic attack. We had told everyone we had at least 50 products, so that they would not think of cancelling the plans... But we had just about 40... or at least that's how it seemed like. On Monday however, as we bustled in and set everything, we had trouble accommodating all the stuff we had made on the ten tables we were provided.

Some guy once said that there's nothing like the last moment to make a man immensely productive... How true.

The Sales

As for the sales, most of the things got booked before we reached class 9. The little girls and boys were nearly fighting to get to all the things made. I have to admit... We were pretty much surprised. It was curious how kids loved to buy things... no matter what they are. By the end of the day, we were jumping up and down with the list of names of our customers in our hands.

What we Sold

There were lots more, we had about 205 that day :)


  1. Hey wow! What an lovely exhibition. I know you all must have enjoyed very much. The theme was interesting and the products you sold were beautiful. Keep up the good work. Take care little angels

  2. How pretty!! I wish I was a student in your school and could buy the stuff too but I am really very happy to see all this working. A very creative,productive and lovely idea from the passionate team members. Tc. God Bless you

  3. Thank you so much!! We can never thank you enough for your constant encouragement & appreciation of our efforts! :)

  4. This is such good work! Congrats :)