Our New Year Greeting to Irom Sharmila :)

Almost forgot to mention it here...We sent a New Year Card to Miss Sharmila, inspired by a comment to an address in Imphal:

Since the words aren't legible in the photo,  so I typed them down before sending it to Imphal so that I can share them :) :
"New Year Greetings
As the a New Year Dawns
My hands come together to say a prayer for you
That each new day be like a new Journey of Joys
That you get to live a life of your choice
That success never be too far from you
That God always shower his blessings on you
That Good times always surround you
That your glories be many and worries too few
That love from friends and family be Your Strength
That memorable be every day
and unforgettable be every moment
That may the new year gift experiences you will remember for ages"
And at the back, this is our message:

Dear Ms. Sharmila, it's a great honor to be writing to you. You have showed that one person can change the world purely with the power of truth and peace. You are truly an inspiration for us and we'll always remember you in our hearts. Wishing you a happy new year,
- C. H. A. N. G. E. Team
[High school students from Madurai, Tamil Nadu]
{Naveena, Soma Sundari, Vidya, Anandavalli, Janani, Rachel, Benita, Karthiga, Priyadarshini, Meenakshi}

P.S. - Hope you liked the card.

I didn't have my camera... So I used the one in the laptop... which isn't really that good [u might have guessed already].


  1. I finally made it to Imphal now that PAP has been lifted. I have applied via her brother to visit her on Saturday. If she hasn't already replied I'll post any response she has for you. Thank you so much for thinking of her and following through. It means a lot that she has supporters, that she is not forgotten. If they don't give permission I'll just come back in March when they free her for two days every year. I really am touched that you followed through I will commend you all to her again in person if it doesn't get too emotional.

    Desmond Coutinho
    Imphal Classic Hotel

  2. Hope everything goes well... Thanks a lot for your help with the address. :)

  3. Hey this is really good

  4. I've been here now for about seven weeks. It's complicated seeing Sharmila if you are a foreigner. One of the disappointing things about India is it's inhuman bureacracy. In her last letter she mentioned how uplifting it is to get letters. She received a batch of about 26 in total from Karnataka mainly last month. Please be assured that your card meant far more to her than anyone who lobbied their MEP or Minister. She gains a lot of strength from letters of support and confirms her in her belief that she is not alone and will prevail. She does not feel able to write. It is with extreme effort that she writes in English to me and she has agreed to marry me. She did say if she were telepathic you would all know already how much she appreciated your writing to her. I will never ask anyone to lobby on her behalf again. If anyone does wish to send her support I would enocourage them to emulate you and to write to her directly at Irom Sharmila Chanu, Security Ward, JNIMS, Porompat, Imphal East, Manipur 795001. I extend her heartfelt thanks to you. You do make a difference.

  5. Thank you so much for letting us know. We are really glad to be of any small help.

    Congratulations :)

  6. wow, lovely new year greetings! Cheers!

    - Shiela