Jaagore's Campaign For Change

Hi guys!! Well, we posted a while back about Jaagore's Campaign for Change and how we had decided to take part in it... Well, surprise of surprises!! We've won the Second Place!

Sorry for the delay though... We were, of course jumping for joy, to think about anything else. :D

Take a look at the results and our entries HERE

It was a huge surprise indeed, but then... it was a Campaign for C.H.A.N.G.E. after all!! ;)



  1. congrats! so proud of you ! once again you have proved that you can make wonders when u use ur time in aproductive way.keep going!love the picture,the face shows immense confidence..:)

  2. Amazing,God bless you all. The link is not opening properly,please check it... Reall y proud of youngsters like you. Take care

  3. Thanks a lot :D Sorry about the link, it's okay now.