The Common Loot Game

Corruption, Terrorism, Cleanliness, Inadequacy - What else can possibly go wrong with the Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi?

Media accessed reports in late July of the Chief Vigilance Commission (CVC) which points to corruption at every level in the organization of the games. The CVC report says that almost all organizations executing infrastructure works for Commonwealth Games have flouted rules in tenders and increased their prices. This means contractors have been paid more that what is the right price. But despite higher rates, work has allegedly been delayed and quality has been compromised in all venues. The report says there is no guarantee of quality of the work done because test records have been fabricated to show compliance.

Then there is the threat from terrorist groups and there was also a small scare when two Taiwanese people were seen in Delhi's Jamma Masjid mosque. Countries and their Sportsmen are more than a bit afraid about potential terrorist attacks.

And don't even get me started on the facilities and equipments for the sportsmen. The head of the Commonwealth Federation has already been more than 'unhappy' with the Commonwealth Games Village, he actually termed the Village as 'filthy'. Pride of the nation indeed...

Still, we have to remember that most of the stuff in media isn't trustworthy. Let's consider that all the stuff in the newspapers and TVs [including the video evidences] are just bluffs. Even then, it's very difficult to justify the huge amount of money the Government seems to be ready to throw down the well for the sake of India's pride. India is a country whose economy cannot touch that of China's. Improving the economy and thus, improving various aspects of the country like education, health, research, etc. is the only way in which India can really shine. Not by organizing fancy Games. It's awfully like showing off your Innova, when your neighbor has a BMW.

By the way, do you know the new rhyme some brilliant fellow composed?
Baba Kalmadi have u any Shame,
No Sir, No Sir, we r having, Common loot game, 
Crores for my Partners, crores for the Dame,  
Crores for me too, for putting India to Shame!!!!

What I'm scared of is that, instead of being the nation's pride the Commonwealth Games might just turn out to be the nation's shame, and simply lower the prestige of India among the world's countries. Pray God that doesn't happen...


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