I am SAD... Surprised, Amused and Decisive

Wonder what the title is about? Well, I have lately been feeling a lot dull as our blog hasn't been receiving as much response as I know it should. I even started doubting whether I wasn't the right person for the job. But today, I saw comment from one friendly Indian [I shudder to think that he should be a fellow country man] and that has made me SAD... Yes, Surprised, Amused and Decisive.

That friendly Indian had called me f*****g and a b*****d for using the name of India. I'm not sure if that's the exact number of *'s he used [I'm guessing it's a he], because I don't know nor do I want to know what those words meant. But I think I have a slight idea of what he was implying. He also said that there were many 'real' organizations working and us using India's name was a shame to India.

Well, for a minute, I had to read and reread the comment to make sure I wasn't dreaming or misunderstanding what I had read. When I had absolute proof, I was obviously very shocked. I had thought of thousands of snide and rude remarks that could have come and this exceeded all my expectations. I thought for a time... Is he making sense? Even inside my head, the idea that that friendly Indian could have been in the right state of mind seemed insane to me and doubtlessly beyond all human reasoning.

Once the wave of shock had swept by, I couldn't help smiling and my grin slowly widened and I burst out laughing. I could never have dreamt of this happening and I certainly didn't realize when we started the blog that crackpots still existed in the internet or that the prospect that we might have to face one of them is very close. I stopped laughing and decided to take the matter more seriously.

I guess this is the problem with some people of our country. People will even let us destroy something, but to save it... there will be so much opposition. History is full of examples waiting to teach the curious the consequences of such attitudes prevalent in people. But the thing is, people are not curious. They are more busy with their friends, family, career and some are busy questioning others.

To talk about how the people of India [including ourselves] are responsible for the dire state that India is in now, we need an entire new post. So I'm now going to limit with simply stating the fact that we have the right of speech and expression and if you don't like what we're saying, you can write about it, talk about it, carry a propaganda... whatever. But no one has the right to abridge our right and ask us to stop, because... we are nor sissy girls who would start whimpering at the first sign of hostility. We are the CHANGE and we are citizens of India. We are not ashamed of wanting to help the country, because we are sensible enough to know why and why not to be ashamed.

Finally, to the kind person who commented, who is responsible for this entire post, I can't thank you enough for showing me that people are reading our blog. Our gratitude to you is immeasurable. You have just taught us the importance of determination and patience. Right now, I regret having deleted your comment. It would have been a wonderful addition to the blog. ;)



  1. Hi Meenakshi,
    I agree you should have saved that comment:)
    Good start. Proud of you all dear.

  2. yeah...........that's how one shud hav a positive attitude!!!!

  3. Thank you ma'am & thanks Janu.. :)