Surviving the Twelfth - Problems at School

School, they say is like a second home. Maybe that's why it can be as painful as one's family during exams. I was going through a few websites while I came across this one: Why do I hate School. I can't help but feel that though the article is barely reasonable or logical, it still tells certain uncomfortable truths. That there are kids who absolutely hate school and it might not entirely be their fault, is a frightening aspect. But then, there are the nice kids who actually love school, but the school just doesn't seem to love them that much. This can be a huge drawback.

Problems at School

There are  lot of problems one can face at school, but I'm going to concentrate only on those caused by the school.

Some teachers just don't know how to motivate young people. 

With growing competition among teachers, there has been an alarming rise in teachers' politics, which when sensed, gives more stress to students; and teachers generally motivate the wrong way. They frighten the students, get disappointed with them or they mark the late bloomers as the evil ones and the fast-learners as the 'brilliant' and angelic ones. 

Most teachers are quick in jumping to conclusions and judging a student. When they try to help, they don't understand the student's reluctance to talk to them... nor the student's unwillingness to learn. In some schools, students are even caned. 

Sometimes, it's almost like the student will do a lot better if the teachers just ignored him. I've noticed how they reprimand the slow-learners for not doing their work in time, while remaining lenient to the 'bright' ones. What they fail to see is that the reason why "bright" students study well, might be because they are left alone [in most cases].

As the teachers turn out a lot friendly in classes 11th and 12th, they start to see students as young adults, which escalates their resentment when a particular student doesn't perform well. They take it as a personal insult. They then assume, just like families that the student is arrogant, irresponsible, etc.

Imagine walking out after an exam, disheveled and worried about what marks you're gonna get, when suddenly some classmate appears in front of you, saying "Centum?" with that smug look on his/her face. If this is done once or twice by one or two, it wouldn't matter much. But for some insanely, inexcusably, criminally, stupid reason, so many people have taken to this unnerving habit. 

Worse still, when you express your concern over some exam, some guys reply with things like, "If you yourself are worried, then imagine how worried we must be!", "Oh c'mon... You're just saying that!", "You'll score great, no problem." I can assure you, it doesn't sound as encouraging as it seems. The thing is, most peers pretend each other to be brilliant in academics, they praise them to the point of tomfoolery, just to make sure they themselves feel safe, secure and comfortable. 

And every time peers do something like that or compare their marks with yours, almost invariably stating your supremacy, you feel awkward and start to put yourself down in front of others, to undo the effect. In other words, you start feeling either insecure or pretty much proud [if you're daft enough to believe them, that is].

Lack of Recreation
Many schools now-a-days have no recreation - no competitions, no sports, no extra-curricular activities. for students of 10th and 12th... which is a bit thick, in my opinion. Sure 'studies' gains a huge importance in these classes, but what about the ability of the student to cope up with them? Stress busters also gain a huge importance, something which is not always acknowledged by schools. Unlike what most teachers, parents and the entire set of people from whom a student must continuously rage battles, think, activities other than studying can give a huge boost of confidence, relief, energy and enthusiasm. Taking their minds off something that they are constantly worried about can only help them.

There's no doubt that teachers, just like parents and the school administration want  what is best for students. The students themselves want what is best for them [maybe some are not convinced about what].... Our aims are quite the same: Marks. Why is it then, that all of us have to battle with each other to survive it?

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1 comment:

  1. V.Thiripura Sundari20 July, 2013 20:59

    Very rightly stated, my senior.
    I faced exactly the same problems in my twelfth std.
    and surviving it was not so easy (truly very difficult). But it was my school which helped me battle through my hardships ( I should admit that too). Let's hope all these change in the years-to-come.