Our newsletters have been appreciated in such high terms by our school principal and believe it or not, our team seems to be going to great heights, very soon!

It was, of course a very silly decision at first… creating the newsletters for spreading awareness… newsletters which no one actually read. But the universe has once again proved that true hard work and passion never goes unrewarded. Through a twist of fate, what could have disastrously ended as a silly little girl’s team, is gaining more recognition and respect, among everyone from teachers to peers. This had given me a new strength, the strength of confidence. I don’t know if it is just me or something else, but it does awfully seem like we are very shy, timid and meek. What we need is self-confidence. We may have a great aim, a great team and great skills. But we lack the heart to believe that what we are doing is not silly or stupid. It’s mainly because we receive little respect or appreciation for what we do. But now, I think that what our team need is the ideal booster that has come along by naturally. And for that, we can only thank God [or luck, as it is for atheists ;)].

The two newsletters we made have received great attention and the entire CHANGE team is going to be introduced to our Principal. It was rather just shock at first, but now, thinking about it with a calmer mind, I think this is the perfect opportunity to boost the esteem and morale of the team. We are expecting the booklets to become the library’s possession after it has been passed into the school Chairman’s hands and received his approval.

Moreover,  as November 7th is Magazines Day, our first newsletter is going to be circulated among the English teachers of our school.

Meanwhile, it’s best if we plan our next edition, because now our reputation is growing, by all means, we should keep it up! :)


  1. Keep up the good work change!... that card has vidya's beautiful works... :)

  2. whoa... yeah, it was done by vidya :D U hv one hell of a memory