15th August, 2010

A very Happy Independence Day to every Indian!!! :

This Independence Day is not just a reminder of the great people who freed our motherland, but also, a day which gives us new hope and also the day that reminds us that the road to true independence lies far ahead. India is merely out of British control now. We shouldn't be naive enough to call it a free country now. India will not be free as long as there are trial prisoners languishing in jails, children dying of poverty, disease or improper water and sanitation, people are paying bribes to get things done in government offices, farmers are begging for help during a rough year and numerous other outrageous injustices are happening in this nation of ours. This Independence Day, let's not just be proud of India, let's also think deeply to make sure we leave a better country than the one our ancestors left us. On this 15th of August, let's promise to fight for true freedom. Freedom from corruption, poverty, ignorance, indifference, irresponsibility, disease, illiteracy, violence and injustice.

Jai Hind!!!

Once again, a very
Happy Independence Day !!!



  1. Yeah meenu am back again for this vacation for diwali..... :)